Pretty soon this old blog will be turning into a funky new one housed in WordPress. Once the migration process is complete, I’ll start posting on a more regular basis. And the subject? Pretty much ANYTHING to do with drums, drumming, drummers, and music. It’s going to be a learning experience for me because in spite of being a drummer and drum tutor, I wouldn’t say I’m a super-drum-geek (others may disagree)! I like music, and one of the components of music that I like is the rhythmical element, and it just so happens I play the drums and know a bit about it.

It’s an adventure and I’m certainly going to learn a lot of new things which I’m looking forward to sharing with you, dear reader. But only once I have a proper WordPress blog, and that’s what I’m waiting for. As I mentioned, my hosts are currently in the migration process… and I don’t mean they’re flying to Africa for 6 months. Once it’s complete, all the old blog files will be under the jurisdiction of WordPress, and I can start anew. Until then…. watch this space.