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FREE DRUM LESSONS!!! This blog will incorporate drum lessons, drum patterns, music theory, advice, random drum related stuff... just anything related to drumming, teaching them and learning how to play them. This service is provided for free. Hopefully, you'll find it useful.

New Blog Coming Soon

Waffles Posted on Sun, June 23, 2019 18:32:29

Pretty soon this old blog will be turning into a funky new one housed in WordPress. Once the migration process is complete, I’ll start posting on a more regular basis. And the subject? Pretty much ANYTHING to do with drums, drumming, drummers, and music. It’s going to be a learning experience for me because in spite of being a drummer and drum tutor, I wouldn’t say I’m a super-drum-geek (others may disagree)! I like music, and one of the components of music that I like is the rhythmical element, and it just so happens I play the drums and know a bit about it.

It’s an adventure and I’m certainly going to learn a lot of new things which I’m looking forward to sharing with you, dear reader. But only once I have a proper WordPress blog, and that’s what I’m waiting for. As I mentioned, my hosts are currently in the migration process… and I don’t mean they’re flying to Africa for 6 months. Once it’s complete, all the old blog files will be under the jurisdiction of WordPress, and I can start anew. Until then…. watch this space.

Exam Results in 2017

Exam Results Posted on Sat, January 20, 2018 08:00:38

Congratulations to all my students who passed their drum exams in 2017!

Passes with Distinction

Adrian Bates 93 (Grade 5)

Jack Glover 91 (Grade 3)

Ray Evans 87 (Grade 2)

Daniel Nevill 82 (Grade 1)

Leah Pollock 95 (Grade 1)

Passes with Merit

Matt Noble 72 (Grade 6)

Jamie Jordan 83 (Grade 5)

Solomon Stone (Grade 5)

Gemma Collick (Grade 3)

Isabel Crofts 76 (Grade 3)

Oliver Hames 79 (Grade 3)

Ross Jones 78 (Grade 3)

Eddie May 79 (Grade 3)

Aayush Parmar (Grade 3)

Raphael Thompson 75 (Grade 3)


Alexander Haigh 67 (Grade 7)

Richard Dalby 62 (Grade 4)

Jakob Asuncion 69 (Grade 3)

Ethan Hack 61 (Grade 3)

Alexander Saunders 70 (Grade1)

Alexander Moorkamp 60 (Grade 1)

Summer Exam Results 2016

Exam Results Posted on Sun, July 03, 2016 22:51:43

My drum students achieved some amazing results in their Trinity drum kit exams this term.

Passes with Distinction
Matthew Noble 93 (Grade 5)
Adrian Bates 88 (Grade 3)
Richard Dalby 92 (Grade 3)
Aayush Parmar 97 (Grade 2)
Raphael Thompson 91 (Grade 2)
Eddie May 100 (Grade 1)

Passes with Merit
Gemma Collick 78 (Grade 2)
Paris Fawcett 79 (Grade 2)
Alexander Moorkamp 78 (Grade 1)


Ethan Hack 68 (Grade 2)
Lexie Smith 70 (Grade 2)

‘Rolling in Rhythm’ by Charles Wilcoxon

Drum lessons (beginners) Posted on Mon, April 04, 2016 11:18:00

Here’s a live recording of a snare drum solo (snare off) called ‘Rolling in Rhythm’ by Charles Wilcoxon. Enjoy!

Spring 2016 Exam Results

Exam Results Posted on Fri, March 18, 2016 09:52:02

As usual, I offer my congratulations to my students who all passed their drum exams. A pretty good set of results here!

Passes with Distinction

David New 95 (Grade 8)
Solomon Stone 87 (Grade 4)
Paris Fawcett 92 (Grade 1)
Oliver Hames 90 (Grade 1)

Passes with Merit

Joel Cane 84 (Grade 8)
Alexander Haigh 77 (Grade 5)
Isabel Crofts 84 (Grade 1)

How Much Practise?

Drum lessons (beginners) Posted on Sun, August 23, 2015 10:10:50

The more practise you do the better you will get. Just think about all the time you spend watching rubbish on TV; this is perfect drum practise time. In truth, if you put in 15 minutes a day you will improve. If you put in 30 minutes a day, you will improve more and so on. The most important thing is to keep focused and work on the things you can’t do as well as those you can do. It’s common for younger students to require a little parental coercion to get them practising. Those aiming to progress rapidly should put in about 1 hour (or two 30 minute sessions) a day.

Playing to a song you like or to a metronome can be very beneficial as this will help improve your timekeeping skills. Just make sure the tempo isn’t ‘blisteringly fast’ or it won’t help at all. Counting aloud is also something worth practising to keep your playing even.

It’s always a good idea to warm up at the start of your practise session; first try the single stroke roll (RLRL) remembering to hold your sticks the correct way and to keep your wrists loose. Count as you go.

This useful guide on practising from might be helpful.

New teaching room

Waffles Posted on Thu, August 20, 2015 20:02:58

After many months (well, almost a year) of preparation, which involved removing all of the fixtures and fittings of a kitchen, I have finally moved into my new drum teaching room. Here’s Joel pondering the wonders of “Odd One Out” from the Trinity College Grade 8 syllabus. Or maybe he’s just appreciating the delicate shade of yellow I chose for the walls?

Summer exam results

Exam Results Posted on Wed, July 08, 2015 18:56:21

Many Congratulations to the following students who all passed their drum exams!

Passes with Distinction

Matt Noble 91 (Grade 3)
Adrian Bates 97 (Grade 1)

Passes with Merit

Alexander Haigh 76 (Grade 4)
Mark Lovett 77 (Grade 2)
Ryan Murphy 83 (Grade 1)
Lexie Smith 81 (Grade 1)

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